Kahve is run by a council of seven ruler-priests, which is presided by an additional head priest. Each major religion gets two representatives on the council, but the religion whose priest presides the council gets a bunch of extra prestige and power, since it is up to the head of the council to choose when and how items get put to vote, but does not get a vote themselves.

There is a complex system for who gets to lead any given session. The sessions are determined by a intricate calendar (think like aztec calendar) which has detailed instructions on when to change a session and how to choose the council for the next session. Sometimes the council has the exact same members, with only the head changing (or nothing changing!), and sometimes you get a totally new council.

The calendar is updated at the start of each council session, and is based on several factors including magical and astronomical readings, prophecies, weather, and various other measurable things.

There’s a prophecy that relates to this huge war that’s supposed to happen between humans and elves. If the prophecy is meant to apply to right now, then a priest of Rehshak should lead the council. If the prophecy is meant for another time, then a priest of Mahla should lead the council.

The cult of Rehshak claims that the prophecy is current. The culy of Mahla claims that it’s meant for the future, and is backed by the cult of Hantha. The cult of Tihr is divided, and although they have officially come out as neutral, several powers within the Tihr priesthood have subtly or not so subtly backed one side or the other.

Major gods of Kahve

Mahla – dual gender – god of strength, death, travel
Hantha – male – god of agriculture
Rehshak – female – god of combat and war
Tihr – male – god of commerce and the sea


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