The Léhas have a pantheon of 11 gods, plus one extra secret god that everyone super sneakily burns offerings to in the form of “oops, looks like I tripped and dropped a complex beaded bracelet into the fire” or “oops, looks like I just left my bread on until it literally burned to a crisp” kind of things.


The drow directly worship The Seven. They have named them, and imagined portfolios for each, which they get to do, because their gods don’t really exist any more. The drow are aware that some of their gods are dead, and that the others are not real in the same way as the other races’ gods. Basically they’re just super stubborn, and didn’t change their religious practices when the world changed.


Monotheistic, with a bit of a trinity thing going on


Animistic, name everything, worship everything


Shiaal / Trissen

Worship 5 major gods, and a bunch of minor gods.

Major gods of Shiaal

Meilor – dual gender – god of strength, justice, valour, crossroads – symbols – lines (esp. crossed lines)
Anathar – male – god of agriculture, rest, home, hearth, return journeys
The Twins: dual god of combat and war
Darku – dual gender – god of battle, strategy, and fighting with honour
Reshkar – dual gender – god of conflict, adrenaline, fighting dirty
Tiirn – male – god of the sea

Major gods of Trissen

Trissen share the same major gods as Shiaal, but but they claim the twins as one god, and additionally consider Thenn to be a major god

Thenn – male – god of kindness, forgiveness, patience – symbols: triangles, (considered somewhat important in Trissen, mostly ignored in Shiaal)

Major gods of Kahve

Mahla – dual gender – god of strength, death, travel
Hantha – male – god of agriculture
Rehshak – female – god of combat and war
Tihr – male – god of the sea

Minor gods of Trissen and Shiaal

Minor gods:

Railira – female – god of impulse and impropriety, mischief, cleverness, wit. – symbols: the sun, circles
(Railira’s entourage):
Shir (pronounced that same as sure) – genderfluid – elemental god of flowing things
Tous (rhymes with house) – neutral / androgynous – elemental god of pliable things
Hul (as hull) – agender – elemental god of hard things

Thenn – male – god of kindness, forgiveness, patience – symbols: triangles, (considered somewhat important in Trissen, mostly ignored in Shiaal)

Mirimininor – neutral/androgynous – god of magic and the sky

Shel – neutral/androgynous – god of knowledge and study

Shiaali / Trissien worship:

- similar religions, main differences are slight diff pronunciation, and about which gods are more commonly worshipped
- slight variance btwn portfolios, think like greek vs roman but even less than that. like, catholic vs protestant? basically the exact same gods, somewhat diff worship


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