the unnamed third – portfolio: death, moral rightness/wrongness/ambiguity, greek ferryman – Neali (Nee-ahl-ee) (semi-non-anthropomorphized non-binary, it)

Prayers to Niali

There are three and only three prayers that mention the third by name, and only a few more that are directed toward it without its name. The occasions of said prayers: the dedication ritual for a devotee of the third, at a funeral, over a dying friend (“friend” has a very specific and well bounded meaning in terms of dwarven ritual).

Prayer Over a Dying Friend

Vengeful Niali, unnamed third, steward for the dead, hear me and ignore me. Perhaps you might allow your attention to wander, from this particular dull and trivial moment, to attend to other matters, more worthy of your time. We see the vital role you play, Merciless One, and understand in our bones that it must not be neglected. To delay just a little would not derelict your duty. Ignore me, third. Let this prayer go unanswered.


3. Meilor – dual gender – god of strength, justice, valour, crossroads – symbols – lines (esp. crossed lines) (major)


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